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<release version="2.0.1" date="2021-12-29">
<p>First bug fix release of cross-platform port.</p>
<p>Main highlights:</p>
<li>Improved Linux support: install target, icons, desktop shortcut, alternative data paths.</li>
<li>Improved game controller support.</li>
<li>High precision sleep mode for ~0 frame time jitter.</li>
<li>Integer image scaling mode.</li>
<li>3DPB &lt;-&gt; FT data switch option, for easier data-set changes when both are available.</li>
<li>FT demo data support.</li>
<li>Bug fixes.</li>
<release version="2.0.0" date="2021-10-30">
<p>First release of cross-platform port.</p>
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<content_rating type="oars-1.1" />