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#pragma once
#include "TCollisionComponent.h"
struct ray_type;
class TEdgeBox;
struct field_effect_type
char* ActiveFlag;
int CollisionGroup;
TCollisionComponent* CollisionComp;
class TEdgeManager
TEdgeManager(float xMin, float yMin, float width, float height);
void FieldEffects(TBall* ball, struct vector2* dstVec);
int box_x(float x);
int box_y(float y);
int increment_box_x(int x);
int increment_box_y(int y);
void add_edge_to_box(int x, int y, TEdgeSegment* edge);
void add_field_to_box(int x, int y, field_effect_type* field);
int TestGridBox(int x, int y, float* distPtr, TEdgeSegment** edgeDst, ray_type* ray, TBall* ball, int edgeIndex);
float FindCollisionDistance(ray_type* ray, TBall* ball, TEdgeSegment** edge);
vector2 NormalizeBox(vector2 pt) const;
vector2 DeNormalizeBox(vector2 pt) const;
float AdvanceX;
float AdvanceY;
int MaxBoxX;
int MaxBoxY;
float MinX;
float MinY;
float MaxX;
float MaxY;
float Width;
float Height;
TEdgeBox* BoxArray;
TEdgeSegment* EdgeArray[1000]{};