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Alexis Murzeau 66a868083a
Add translations (#153)
* Add translations from v1

* Add font configuration (to be able to use non-latin languages)

* translations: remove includes that are already in pch.h

* translations: rename enums and avoid macros

* Fix crash when the font file doesn't exist

* translations: avoid u8 to avoid reencoding by MSVC

MSVC will read the file as ASCII and reconvert characters as UTF-8, this will corrupt characters as the file is in fact already in UTF-8.

* translations: remove NUMBER in enums

* translations: handle non existing translations gracefuly (don't crash)

Fallback to english if available, else return empty string

* Testing pull collaboration.

* Rollback: remove NUMBER in enums.

* Get rid of namespace, use header instead.

* Collapsed translated text struct and array.

* Fixed build errors and warnings.

* Simplified language list.

* All new types, locals and globals should use CamelCase.

* Removed unnecessary ImGui patch.

* Rearranged TTextBox immediate mode draw.

* Final touches: removed unused declaration in gdrv.
Removed unused Msg entries and added new check.

* Remove placeholder english texts from missing translations

Co-authored-by: Muzychenko Andrey <33288308+k4zmu2a@users.noreply.github.com>
2022-08-31 07:58:03 +03:00

12 lines
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#pragma once
class font_selection
static void ShowDialog();
static void RenderDialog();
static bool ShowDialogFlag;
static char DialogInputBuffer[512];