Accumulation of Arch Linux packages, many of which I maintain on the Arch User Repository
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Manuel c29e4a938d
upgpkg: clonezilla-unstable 5.4.3-1
upstream release
3 days ago
bino upgpkg: bino 2.1-1 1 month ago
cage-vi Move packages 5 months ago
clonezilla-unstable upgpkg: clonezilla-unstable 5.4.3-1 3 days ago
discord-electron-bin upgpkg: discord-electron-bin 0.0.25-1 1 month ago
firefox-syncstorage upgpkg: firefox-syncstorage 0.13.6-1 2 weeks ago
florence upgpkg: florence 0.6.3-3 4 months ago
gvisor-bin upgpkg: gvisor-bin 20230306.0-1 2 weeks ago
gvisor-git upgpkg: gvisor-git 20230306.0-1 2 weeks ago
libqxt Add 'libqxt/' from commit 'e537460e56314f9af687dc730f5c3bfd6c118196' 5 months ago
nginx-mod-form-input Add 'nginx-mod-form-input/' from commit 'e8f101c6f1d8f84a63a4540dafa34e4bca7486fd' 5 months ago
nginx-mod-traffic-accounting upgpkg: nginx-mod-traffic-accounting 2.0+18+g46aae3e-1 3 months ago
ntfs2btrfs Initial upload: ntfs2btrfs 20220812-1 4 months ago
obs-vkcapture upgpkg: obs-vkcapture 1.3.0-1 2 months ago
plasma5-wallpapers-wallpaper-engine upgpkg: plasma5-wallpapers-wallpaper-engine 0.5.4-3 4 months ago
plymouth-theme-arch-logo Add 'plymouth-theme-arch-logo/' from commit '00ae1a38444555267c1c01ff26dd46e1bec46894' 5 months ago
polkit-explorer-git Add 'polkit-explorer-git/' from commit 'c39956b6dc507b84a32c6a259ce50b43074b9832' 5 months ago
prometheus-postgresql-exporter Use unique file names for sources 4 months ago
qvr Generically use cmake for build instead of make directly 3 months ago
rc-local Add 'rc-local/' from commit 'f0441047ba45e4e81ab398f055db9f68480fd492' 5 months ago
spot-client upgpkg: spot-client 0.4.0-1 4 weeks ago
sublime-text-3 sublime-text-3: Refactor package function 3 months ago
sublime-text-4 upgpkg: sublime-text-4 4.4143-4 3 months ago
sublime-text-dev upgpkg: sublime-text-dev 4.4148-1 6 days ago
tuned upgpkg: tuned 2.20.0-1 1 month ago
waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan Initial upload: waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan 20220728-1 3 months ago
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig 5 months ago
.gitignore Update .gitignore 5 months ago Update README 5 months ago
UNLICENSE Add License 5 months ago Add script to check gVisor version 4 months ago Move scripts 5 months ago

Arch Linux packages

These are PKGBUILDs for packages I maintain, used to maintain or do plan on uploading or just keep here for preservation.

I may also use these for an automated build system soon™ that pushes these packages automatically to a pacman repo I maintain.